Friday, December 14, 2012

Teaching dogs to drive cars... No really, it's pretty awesome

Bf came across this video in his daily perusing of online news and found the gem of a dog training news bit, at the bottom of the post. 

This video makes me wonder whether I should invest in clicker training to get the pups to listen a little better. I mean... they have a few tricks each and can do the basics like sit, "chill" (aka lay down), stay, shake paws, roll over, speak ... but their overall attention span and sometimes poor mechanics leave a bit to be desired.

Dogs joy riding in car cartoon
[Edit: I updated this post with a cartoon of what I imagine Olly & Miles joy riding in a car would look like, as there was no image popping up with this post, and based on the subject matter it definitely needed one!]

Anyways, the following is something for Olly & Miles to aspire to!

Seriously, an amusing, amazing, and delightful video follows that displays dogs learning to drive cars:

A link to the video: Here
(I noticed the video didn't pop up on my iPad)

OR ... check it out after the jump
(wondering if the video is slowing my page load time...)

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